Buyback or not? Is it a good insurance?

Almost every review of a peer-to-peer site or offering focus on the existance of buyback and the detailed terms. More seldom is the question asked: Is buyback really worth the associated cost? The obvious risk when buying a P2P loan is that the borrower can’t pay his interest. Eventually the loan will default, usually after […]

Aforti Warning

Is the Mintos loan provider Aforti in trouble? Update 14 aug: It seems the payments from Aforti will recommence. The message is technical problems are the root cause for the disruption. Given that also other platforms than Mintos have experienced problems with Aforti it is likely in the Aforti system. Update 7 aug: Mintos […]

Are Mintos Rouble investments worth the currency risk?

Looking at Mintos Loans in Roubles, it is immediately clear there are nice interest rates. Examples: EcoFinance (rating B), 19.5%, 60 days term Kviku (rating B), 19.1%, 12 months term Dozarplati (rating B-), 19.0%, 12 months term Mikro Kapital (rating A-), 18.0%, 24 months It is quite feasible to get an average interest rate around […]