Aforti Warning

Is the Mintos loan provider Aforti in trouble?

Update 14 aug: It seems the payments from Aforti will recommence. The message is technical problems are the root cause for the disruption. Given that also other platforms than Mintos have experienced problems with Aforti it is likely in the Aforti system.

Update 7 aug: Mintos has suspended trade in Aforti loans.

” The decision was made based on Aforti Finance’s overdue transfers of borrower’s payments to the Mintos marketplace. ”

Update 9 aug: Mintos and Aforti has agreed to resume payments on outstanding loans on Mintos.

Update 8 aug: The previously linked warning from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority is now identified as old. It is from 2016.

According to the blog Financially Free there has also been a warning issued on Viventor that “Aforti Factor” and “Aforti Finance” might be in trouble.

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